Why Your Skin Age and How To Slow Down Aging


Skin aging is the result of programed senescence and prolonged environmental injury to skin. Human skin is continuously exposed to environmental influences and is therefore subjected to both intrinsic as well as extrinsic aging processes. Aged skin is characterized by the loss of skin tone and resilience, increased roughness and dryness, irregular pigmentation, sunburn, accelerated skin aging, wrinkles, and several malignant skin cancers. Plant secondary metabolites have been exploited for their potential activities such as antiaging, antiwrinkleantioxidantantiinflammatory, wound healing, skin whitening, and anticancer activities. Several scientific validations on natural products derived from the traditional system of medicine have been developed in this context. Recent trends in antiaging research projected the use of natural products derived from ancient era after scientific validation. Therefore, an attempt has been made in this chapter to highlight skin aging pathways of natural bioactive molecules and skin aging management.


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